Finch and Associates, LLC

Finch and Associates can help protect your trademarks and copyrights in a rapidly changing world while making the most of your past and future investments in valuable intellectual property (IP).  If you have unwittingly infringed on another’s rights, we can help you negotiate instead of losing in court.

We are a family business that has established a reputation for quality service and client outcomes.  This happens because we are accessible to business owners and decision makers, and because we are committed to finding workable strategies that fit their business needs and resources.  We have served small, medium and large business clients for over 60 years by securing their trademarks and copyrights, minimizing financial impacts from legal pitfalls, and providing expert knowledge to help identify affordable strategies for short, medium and long term IP challenges and opportunities.

Trademark rights can be extremely valuable.  Intelligent business actions combined with thoughtful registration strategies costs a LOT less than proving your rights in court and can increase their value.

Call anytime to discuss your IP opportunity or challenge at no charge and no obligation:  301-388-2252 🙂

If it turns out that we can help your organization, we will explain next steps for your consideration and outline costs in a custom retainer agreement.